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Central Vermont - Updates

Marshfield Ledge - Center

Marshfield Corners Right 5.10b (5.9 R)
Travis Peckham and Chris Ellms eliminated the aid section and free climbed this pitch on Oct 18, 2012. It's quite possible someone had done this before, however, the pitch was (and still is) very dirty. The pitch Peckham climbed is entirely distinct from P.3 of Marshfield Corners and integrates a lower section that is not included in the description in the book. The book suggests traversing in below the roof on the regular route. Ellms, who did the FA of this section in 1982, suggested adding a bolt or two to replace the old pin and improve the protection at the start of the pitch. The pitch will deserve 2 or 3-stars when it is cleaner but at the moment cannot really be recommended.

From atop P.2 of Marshfield Corners, move down and traverse right onto a featured slab. Find protection further right (red Camelot in a pod, double extended to prevent drag) then move up to an old pin (1982) and a poor cam placement (used .75 camelot, #1 might be better). Make difficult moves past this poor gear (5.9 R) and gain the base of a left-leaning corner. Climb the corner (more 5.9, very dirty) up to a pine tree and a stance below the upper corner. Climb the corner up and left to a stance 10’ below the top of the cliff. Make difficult moves past small protection (#0 alien and medium RP). Tie off a tree to protect the second from above and step left to the ring anchor on top of Marshfield Corners. 5.10b (5.9 R) 110’ ACB Travis Peckham, Chris Ellms, Oct. 18, 2012

Marshfield Ledge - Right

Just for Goobs
The final crack on P.3 of Just for Goobs is pretty hard and 5.7+ is probably a more accurate grade. 
Rappelling with a single 60M rope may be somewhat scary since the upper two pitches are slightly over 100' long. Depending upon the cut and stretchiness of your rope you may or may not reach the anchors without down-climbing. Two ropes or a single 70M are probably a better option for rappelling. 
The rappel anchor on top of P.3 is badly placed and the rope exerts a direct outward pull on the bolts; it should be moved so that the direction of pull is more perpendicular to the bolt.

Owl's Head
The route Spider's Nest is actually called Spider Man. Bill Patton recalls big, juicy spiders dropping out of the crack in large numbers while doing the FA. Patton also suggests a grade of 5.12a.